This Is Some Of The Most Ludicrous Things We Have Discovered In Outer Space.

Remember when we were all in grade school and we were taught about space? Didn’t it sound amazing?
It sure did then… and sure does, even now. There are some crazy things going on in space that we are still discovering. With its seemingly endless landscape, space will always be something that we are studying. Here are some of the weirdest things we have seen while studying the sky.

328.) Massive Electric Currents


These currents have beens pied radiating from black holes. One has been spotted that is about 1.5 times the size of our whole Milky Way galaxy….

This Hospital Is Dedicated To Helping The Strangest Things (And Giving Me Nightmares).

Dolls are creepy. Add the element of paranormal and they are done right terrifying. We should burn them all.
But children like dolls. This is true. In Australia, a place called the Doll Hospital respects that and does everything they can to keep dolls from looking like they want to devour your soul.
Originally opening in 1913, the Doll Hospital is still operational, employing 12 “doll surgeons” and repairing over 200 dolls a month (so many dolls…). The adorable thing is that many of the work is done for what the hospital affectionately calls ‘big children’ or older women who want their…

You Won’t Believe What This Guy Can Do Using Only His Voice.

Singer/cover artist Mike Tompkins says with his Youtube channel he aims to be “a new kind of talent for an ever-changing musical landscape”. He may just achieve that. His and innovative videos in which he recreates top 40 hits using only the sound of his voice (and maybe a few hand claps) have become insanely popular, so much so that he landed the gig as opening act for the Jonas Brothers on their last tour. Watch the songs he covers below and wait till the end to see how he created each drum beat and bass bop. Super interesting stuff!
Here’s him singing…

Take A Peak At What This Artist Uses To Create Her Incredibly Detailed Drawings.

As someone who can’t even draw a convincing stick figure, I’m constantly baffled by the abilities of talented artists who are able to create masterful pieces of work from things I couldn’t even use to stay inside the lines of coloring books. 
And this artist takes it to an even more incredible new level. Karla Mialynne posts her hyper-realistic drawings to her Instagram account and will often include a behind-the-scenes look at what she uses in her process. Probably because no one could believe she didn’t just print them off the Internet. These are stunning.

From abstract to super-detail:



Each one looks…

These Powerful Ads Will Change The Way You Think About The World.

I could go on and on about the importance of knowing your impact on others, the environment and our culture. Just ask my family about the earful they get every Thanksgiving. But these amazing ads say more than I ever could. 
From donating blood to sharing the road, these powerful and clever ads will get to you. Big time.

344.) We can all be superheroes.


345.) Share the road.


346.) Not the best place to park.


var OX_ads = OX_ads || [];
‘slot_id': ‘slot537104098_54072916e4ed3′

347.) Backseat doesn’t mean automatically safe.


348.) That light…

Here Are12 Inventions We All Need In Our Lives Right Now.

There are about a million little things that can ruin your day with just the right amount of annoying. Y’know, all the small things that make you wonder why some genius hasn’t come up with a solution for it already. That’s where these designers come in.
The ideas are simple, but the impact is impressive. I wish I had #2 as a kid, but now I just really want the last one. Amazing!

370.) This wheelchair accessible set of stairs.

Full Punch

371.) This bunk bed upgrade.

Full Punch

372.) This handy toilet paper holder.

Full Punch

var OX_ads =…

10 Things You Do Every Day That Are Damaging To Your Body.

Most people don’t try to do anything that’s bad for their health. But sometimes, you go about your day, not really thinking about anything and then BAM! You feel a little sick, you fall down, you get a headache, or any other ailment that may plague you. More often than not, you have no idea why your day is suddenly awful. Well, these could be one of the reasons why you are actually living a rather unhealthy life without even knowing it.

382.) Look at this guy, using his computer. It’s awesome, right? Wrong! Using a computer can be damaging to…

You’d Never Expect What These Animals Were Used For In The Military.

Animals have always been used in times of war. While there are some animals that have been used more than others (like dogs and horses), we know there are other kinds of animals have played pivotal roles in times of war. Here are some of the stranger, or at least most unexpected animal warriors that have seen the field of battle:

392.) Bats were used to carry bombs in times of war experimentally. Unfortunately, for the masterminds behind the project, the project was a huge failure.


393.) Sea Lions have often been recruited by the Navy as trained deep sea…

These Awesome Animals Put On Uniform And Go To Work Just Like You.

No matter how much you love your job, going into work can be a total drag. The next time you’re feeling a little down at your 9-5, just think about these adorable animals who also work – just like you! Sure, they probably aren’t accountants, but these little guys still put in their time and work really hard.
Check out these animals who work everyday even without understanding the concept of “money” or “vacation”. You’re not hearing any complaints from them.

403.) In the 1940’s a baboon named ‘Jack’ worked for a disabled railroad signalman, pushing his wheelchair around to help…

This Woman Just Turned 90, But She Still Dances Like She Was 20.

When Jean Veloz celebrated her 90th birthday, she did it exactly like she had always done, with a dance.
The famous swing dancer has appeared in several Hollywood movies in the 1940s, and she still dances just like she did back in those glorious days of cinema. Watch as she hits the dance floor and shows three young gentleman how it’s done.

(Source: Anthony Mak)
I wish I could dance and move like that, and I’m in my late 20s!
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