The Image Looks So Weird At First. But Then She Goes Deeper, And Suddenly It’s Beautiful.

Disclaimer #1: I am a big ol’ geek. Disclaimer #2: This is, like, the geekiest thing ever. It’s all about math and numbers and equations and stuff. But the end result of all those numbers and equations and stuff? Kind of breathtaking.

This complex mathematical principle was broken down by Dr. Holly Krieger of MIT for Numberphile. Please do give them a look on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more mathy goodness.

If You Laugh, You Get It. If You’re Offended, You’re Part Of The Problem.

Well-meaning people sometimes make off-handed remarks to each other and to people of color that are hurtful and offensive. Calling out friends and acquaintances on remarks like those in this clip is beyond frustrating because no one ever wants to admit that racism is nuanced. Thank the heavens for comedians.

The video was created by CollegeHumor. Now that you had your laughs, here’s a more serious take on this kind of thinking.

Jon Stewart Made A Dramatic Movie Called ‘Rosewater,’ And The Trailer Gives Me Chills

Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show” and one of my favorite people when it comes to speaking truth to power, took a summer off last year to shoot a movie. Not star in it, but actually write and direct it. It’s not a comedy.

It’s based on the true story of Maziar Bahari, a Canadian journalist who was born in Iran and covered Iranian elections in 2009 for Newsweek during the Arab Spring. He ended up witnessing the election and shooting footage that got sent to the BBC. The police arrested him and tortured and interrogated him for 118 days.

This is the trailer for that movie, “Rosewater.” And my eyes teared up a little. So apparently I’m not all dead inside.

Rosewater” by Jon Stewart.

Her Feet Didn’t Touch The Ground For 449 Days, All Because Of Something That’s Over 400 Years Old

so many questionable things going on in our environment today, it’s easy to sit with our arms crossed and just be overwhelmed. Think one person can’t make a difference? Think again.

A woman got tired of seeing her favorite trees disappear, so she decided to relocate for 449 days to make a really important point.

Far from a snoozefest, this video surprised me by how fast it moves. Plus it’s really gorgeous. At 55 seconds in, she already has a tight grip on my heartstrings. At 1:51, find out what got her in an uproar, and by 10:20, see why her courage means so much

Burning Hearts Media produced “Still Falling” to raise awareness about the
effects of deforestation worldwide. While the World Heritage Committee may have
recently voted to continue preserving Tasmania’s forests, it’s still an uphill
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