A cool animation by a film student makes a great point about fear.

There’s a silver lining.

Vancouver Film School student Nata Metlukh made one of the coolest animations I’ve seen lately. And it’s about fear.

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We all face fear. Fear of critters, fear of heights, fear of losing our jobs, fear of losing small spaces, fear of heartbreaks.

Images by Nata Metlukh.

Often, we categorize fear as a negative aspect of our lives. And it’s true: Fear can have bad consequences for us. About 3.3 million American adults suffer from anxiety.

According to PsychCentral:

“Without any provocation at all, they feel the same emotional and physical sensations they would if their lives were in jeopardy. … In severe cases, people can end up avoiding social contact and shunning everyday activities like driving and shopping, even leaving the house.”

Severe anxiety is like living with overwhelming fear and dread that stops you from functioning normally day-to-day. That’s not a fun way to live. At all. In these cases, fear stops us from living.

But we often forget to look at the positive side of fear.

Did you know fear is an evolutionary emotion that can help us survive?

Studies have shown that fear is a natural part of human evolution that has helped us survive for centuries. For example, a recent study from Columbia University implies that humans evolved to fear spiders over millions of years, which helps protect us from these venomous critters. Other studies suggest that a fear of snakes — which can be cool, but can also kill us! — was an evolutionary trait as well.

Fear alerts us that our body is under siege, and it allows us to respond in ways that protect us. For example, a fear of cars can make us cautious when we go through a crosswalk.

Not having that fear might land us in unfortunate situations.

So remember, fear isn’t always the bad guy.

Because sometimes, it might just save your life.

And when it does, you’ll be thankful.

Nata Metlukh directed and animated this delightful video at Vancouver Film School. You can follow her on Facebook and visit her website if you want to stay updated on her next bits of awesomeness.

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