25 Five-Minute Or Less Hairstyles That Will Save You From Busy Mornings


This step-by-step guide to five-minute or less hairstyles can help you make more of your busy mornings.

1. Knot Your Average Pony


 Follow complete instructions here.

2. Bind Hair With Stylish Scarf

Get complete directions here. You can find pretty and affordable scarves on eBay or in your local stores.

3. Milkmaid Braid

Braid two sections of your hair then place your left braid over your head and secure the edge to the right side of your head with bobby pins.  Do the same on your right braid.

4. Super Long Ponytail

Get the secret trick by following the instructions.

5. Tie Back

Part your hair from the center of your forehead. Roll the right section towards the back of your head then secure with bobby pins. Do the same on the left section.

6. Criss-Cross Bun

Roll upper half of your hair into a bun. Divide lower hair into two. Cross the right part under the bun and wrap the hair around it.  Do the same with the left part.

7. Criss-Cross Half-Up Hair

Take the top part of your hair, twist and secure with bobby pins at the top of your head. Take the left section over your ear and pull towards the top of your head and pin in place. Take the right part of your hair and pin it below the left part.

8. Reverse Crown Braid

Follow these easy instructions here.

9. Braid Bun Bang

Leave a small section of your tied hair in the left side. Roll hair into a bun and pin in place. Braid the remaining hair and wrap the braid under the bun and pin.

 10. Easy Twisty Bun

Tie hair into two pony tails, braid them down to the tips and tie with transparent elastic band. Twist two braids together and secure edges with bobby pins to form a stylish bun.

11. Tuck and Cover


Watch the video tutorial for this hairstyle.

12. Simple Tie-Back

Part your hair in the center of your forehead, twist each section and pin with pins in triangular position.

13. Four-Part Side Pony

The full tutorial is available here.

14. Quick and Easy Updo


Braid ponytail and roll into a bun, then pin it. Pull the left section of loose strands towards the back and wrap them under the bun. Do the same on the other side.

15. Long Mane Ponytail

See the instructions here.

16. Back-Braided Crown

Braid your hair into two and tie it with an elastic band. Pull the left braid over your head and pin the edge on the other side of your head. Do the same with your other braid.

17. Messy Ponytail

Follow these step-by-step instructions.

18. Low Knot

Take two sections of hair and tie them together. Tie again. Tuck one section into the upper part of the knot and the other one under the knot.

19. Twisted Bangs

Twist a small section of bangs backwards and pin them on the other side of your head. Take another section from directly under the first one, then twist and pin it over the first twist.

20. Flirty Flick

Take a small section of hair on either side, clamp them with iron plates, glide iron down the hair and twist outward before reaching the ends to create a flick.

21. Pigtails Without A Part

Read the instructions here.

22. Kinky Hair Solution

Tutorials are available here.

23. Celebrity-Style Bob


Apply leave-in conditioner to hair,  then comb and blow dry it. Brush fringe and apply heat-protectant spray. Flat iron strands with a little bend. Apply styling cream.

24. Loop Ponytail

Tieyour hair with elastic band. Insert the tied hair into the space between the head and the elastic band. Pull the tail downwards to tighten the loop.

25. Elegant Half Pull-Up

Back comb the top part of your hair to create volume. Gather hair loosely from the front and sides towards the back of your head and hold in place with bobby pins.

Featured photo credit: burnnet via pixabay.com

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